About the Owner

Posted by Dominique Reese on

My name is Dominique, and I am the Owner of Dominique Nicole Boutique. Ever since I was a little girl I've always dreamt of owning my own businesses. God made a promise that I would have the things I've always wanted and I began researching and finding out how to turn my dreams into reality, and reach my goals.

I found a passion for baking in 2014 and began practicing my newly found skills. I became very good at it and I loved it. I've always loved making something out of nothing and and teaching myself how to do it all. I am a self taught custom baker, an aspiring artist, I make candles, bath and body products, jewelry and now I am a boutique owner.

This has been years in the making and I am so excited. I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

Stay tuned!